Meet Miss Parker

Amsterdam is inarguably one of the most beautiful and iconic cities in the world.
Being born and raised in this gorgeous city, I too offer a vibrant soul that has shared more experiences with unique people than I could even begin to tell you.

While working in the Amsterdam nightlife scene, I have embraced the good, experienced the bad and know about the ugly this city has to offer.
This diversity is why to me, although I have traveled the world, there is no such place like Amsterdam!


Miss Parker

Miss Parker

Over the years I have established this network of exceptional venues, cultural-, and culinary entrepreneurs and one-of-a-kind people.

I will now use this network and my personal expertise to create customized experiences that won’t be found by regular travel agencies or most tourist guides.

Let me show you ‘my Amsterdam’; the Amsterdam where there are so many contradictions; where you drink cocktails with tattoo artists at the Van Gogh Museum, have a high class dinner in the historic heart of the Red Light District or where you might meet a famous Dutch DJ at one of the local barbershops.

Miss Parker

You will get to places you know exist but don’t know how to get to.
Experience Amsterdam the way she should be experienced; you will be a part of it, not just a visitor.

The possibilities are endless in my amazing Amsterdam!
Contact me and experience Amsterdam ‘the Miss Parker way’!